Black Cassidy

Muralist and commissioned artist based in Houston TX. His style is extremely versatile, specializing in a wide variety of mediums and surfaces to paint and draw on. Currently Creative Director of BamBull Black, a collective of Houston-based artists that he co-founded with Dom Bam and Hannah Bull; together they curate conceptually immersive and progressive events. Black Cassidy is always involved in the community searching for a new and original idea.


Wondering Girl

December 2021

Quanah Parker

June 2020

Pink Lion Skull With Blue Eyes

Illfest May 2019

Revelution Dojo

June 2019

Bleed the Walls

October 2019

Devin the Dude

April 2018

"O"Pink Conjoined Twins

May 2017

Turquoise Skyline

July 2017

Rudyard's British Pub

September 2017

State of Man

September 2016

Walken Under a Bridge

HUE Muralfest October 2016